Expert Witness

Psychiatric Services

Although Dr. Hubbard's medical specialty is psychopharmacology - the study of how medications affect the mind and thinking processes, he has provided general psychiatric care to people of all walks of life. For over 30 years Dr. Hubbard's professional expertise has helped people to overcome personal struggles and to achieve their full potential in life.

Dr. Hubbard is professionally qualified and experienced in treating the following:

  • anxiety disorders (social phobia, panic, and generalized anxiety disorders)
  • depression
  • bipolar disorders
  • eating disorders
  • attention deficit disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • addictive disorders, and many others

In addition to specializing in psychopharmacology, Dr. Hubbard has a subspecialty of treating chemical dependency disorders. He is specially trained in determining what medications are safe or unsafe for people in recovery.

Dr. Hubbard's patients sometimes make appointments directly, or are referred from non-M.D. psychotherapists who believe that their client may benefit from a medication evaluation. To make an appointment call (619) 295-8005.

A sought-after expert witness concerning matters involving general psychiatric principles and psychopharmacology, Dr. Hubbard frequently testifies in both the Federal Court and San Diego Superior Court in civil and criminal proceedings. For more information on his forensic psychiatric qualifications click here.