Expert Witness

Forensic Services

Dr. Hubbard regularly performs expert witness consultations on referral from attorneys or from the courts. Although he is not a forensic psychiatrist by training, his opinion has been frequently sought in both civil and criminal cases.

Qualified as an expert in psychiatry and psychopharmacology in both Federal Court and Superior Court in San Diego, California, Dr. Hubbard has been deposed over 300 times during his career providing trial testimony in well over 100 cases. He has been retained both by defense and plaintiff counsel approximately equally over the past twenty years. In addition to providing expert testimony in medication or drug-related cases, he has frequently been called upon to testify in employment-related cases.

If you wish to consider Dr. Hubbard's forensic services, please contact his office at 619-295-8005 to obtain a password that will allow you to download his Curriculum vitae and fee schedule. Click here to access and download my Curriculum vitae after obtaining the password.

For consultation information concerning an active case, please contact Dr. Hubbard personally at his office to discuss potential conflicts or other case issues.